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Hymns for Hymens

New every morning are the hymns

Daily sounding from all our Winds

Some sing for love. Some sing of rape

And some hum to restore hymens

But no matter how loud one hums

No hum can mend a reaped hymen.


New every morning are the sounds

The “born to rule” whine for power

The “rising suns” hum for the taste

The Oduduwas have their buzz

The “oil loaners” ever yell

But no matter how loud one cries

No cry can mend a reaped hymen.


New every morning are the cries

Causing Boko Haramic blasts

Loading the guns for resting MEND

Whetting OPC cutlasses

Waking the sleeping MASSOBians

Screaming resounding “on your marks”

Like we’ve got the guts to tear out

From the Centre of Unity

But no matter how loud the cry

No cry can call back a hymen.


New every morning are the screams…


Most recently I hear sirens

From our Centre of Unity.

They’re not sirens from Aso Rock.

No they are from no government.

They’re not sirens from ambulance.

No they are not from vehicles.

The sirens are from vocal cords

Of Abuja “aborigines”.

They siren for a State of theirs

And all that should go with a state.

They siren against FCT

And now the LAND SWAP signatures.

Some hinted they could start bombing

Like the Boko Haram terrors.

Well, let them hear this loud and loud:

Following the Constitution

FCT was wooed a virgin,

FCT wedded a virgin,

The bride price paying may have faults

But FCT has children now

Death or divorce cannot help that

So FCT “aborigines”,

Call off sirens and alarums.

The amnesty songs may be sweet

But the dead cannot dance to it

Pursue peace while you’re in a piece

‘Cause in pieces you won’t have peace.

But if you insist with the cries

Do bear in mind now and always

Rape victims’ cry can outlive them

But their hymens never grow back.


New every morning are the hymns…


Now since we must sing every day

Come let’s sit and compose new songs

And maybe renew wedding vows

Let’s strive for honeyed love-making

To wash away our tears from rapes

And bless us with the needed grace

To bear children who will not be

Raped while they are still in the womb.